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Madame Tussauds Hollywood  Review

Madame Tussauds is open every day of the year except for Oscars day. Their hours are from 10 am until 8 pm. From Memorial Day to Labor Day they are open until 10 pm. The museum is located right next door the Grauman's Chinese Theatre at 6933 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood. We took the subway from Universal City and the stop for Hollywood and Highland is only one block from the museum.

The prices for admission are as follows: $25 for adults, seniors and students are $20 and kids ages 4-12 are $18. Kids under age 4 are free. These are the prices for walk-up same day tickets. If you buy your tickets online you can save 10 percent.

Once you enter the museum you will see a wax figure of Barack Obama and one of Joan Rivers. Here is one of the coolest parts about the museum, you can touch all of the figures! I didn’t believe it at first, but then we got a confirmation from an employee to do so.  Your kids will be amazed at how realistic they are and it's so neat to be able to feel the eyelashes, lips and eyes. It's incredible to think of the process of how these figures get made when they come out looking so life-like. My kids immediately noticed Barack Obama and wanted to take a picture with him.  Photos from the museum turn out looking pretty good and we shared a few pictures of us with celebrities with some of our friends and they actually thought we were with the real person.

After checking out Joan Rivers and Barack Obama, we boarded the elevator to the top level and got off in what they call the party room. The figures here are all of current celebrities and mostly of the musical entertainer genre.  There was  popular dance music playing in he background. My kids are little and so they didn't know a lot of the figures yet, but it was still a blast for them to be able to touch all of them. We saw J. Lo, Carrie Underwood, Nicole Kidman, Johnny Depp and more in this room.  It gets even better: there are dress up costumes and accessories like wigs and hats near many of the figures throughout the museum which makes the experience even more memorable and fun.   One example was a piano next to Elton John an of course accessories for you and the kids to put on.   You can go sit on the piano bench and pose for pictures with Sir Elton John! Next you move through a passageway with more popular figures and then go downstairs to the next set of rooms.

In the next room we saw Hollywood icons, again with more dress up opportunities. The figures are beautiful, such as James Dean and Vivien Leigh but so are the sets they are placed in. They took time here to give each star his or her due and without the sets it wouldn't be anywhere near as fun or memorable. .Logan loved the action hero room and wanted to pose with Hugh Jackman from X-Men who was in a neat costume with the super sharp and long nails on his hands. The nails were fun to feel. He also liked the Spiderman figure.  

I loved the sport stars room. Tiger Woods was of course on a putting green and anyone could go next to him, pick up the golf club laying there and practice making a hole in one. I loved how he was posed deep in thought, crouched near the hole like he was deciding how to best hit the ball.  Tony Hawk was on a skateboard off the ground and there was an area right next to him on an adjoining ramp to pose. For Kobe Bryant's set they had him in a basketball court and the kids took turns trying to make a basket. Everything was highly interactive and there was a great energy and a lot of excitement in this room. The room also included Lance Armstrong on a bicycle and an an empty adjoining bicycle so the kids could hop on and pretend to be Lance.

One of our best pictures was of Logan sitting next to Jack Nicholson in an Academy Award themed room.  This was one of the photos that looked unbelievably real.

We also spent a lot of time in the American Idol room. There is an employee stationed there with a karaoke machine. You can put headphones on, sing from a huge list of songs with the machine and then hear Simon's assessment of your singing abilities. Right next to that was the infamous table where the judges sit and a figurine of Simon with empty chair, so you can sit with him and pretend to be a judge. So fun!

We also really enjoyed seeing how they make the figures. There is a room you walk through which shows a video of  Beyonce talking about the various steps in the process including choosing the eye color. They actually have a display showing a couple dozen eyeballs and I realized then that it's the eyes that make the figures so believable. They have perfected their techniques and it makes for such an enjoyable experience.

I recommend this museum for all ages.   There are no dark and creepy rooms and this Madame Tussauds should not be compared to the one in London with the whole scary set up on the ground floor.  There is  just one room called the crime room with sound effects and few scary people like Hannibal Lechter but you can  and we did pass through it fast.

The kids had a blast being able to touch every figure, dress up and pose and also play in the spots room and sing karaoke. We all enjoyed seeing how the figures were made and I wish I had spent more time in that room--there was a lot to see there. This museum should be on everyone’s list of places to see in Hollywood!