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Rancho Mirage Discovery Museum of the Desert

For my review, I'd first like to say how much fun we all had there. It is a huge, spacious museum with tall ceilings and a light of sunlight which makes the rooms feel even bigger. All of the staff was friendly and the kids had a good time exploring each area. Their favorite exhibits include the ones that Ana mentioned:

At the grocery store, Madison dressed up in a checker's uniform and rung up all of the food from several other children's carts. It was so precious! They had so much fun going through the grocery store, which all items in reach for their height, and finding all of the foods that they were familiar with. The museum had both grocery carts and reusable canvas bags and M and L loved playing with both, filling and then emptying the bags and carts several times.

In the pizza parlor, Logan was very engaged in making pizzas with sauce and toppings made out of felt, putting the pizzas on a pizza stone, putting the pizzas in a pretend oven with a pretend coals and a flame and then serving and slicing the pizzas at the two round tables with sools. He did this repeatedly and kept trying to find his sister, cousins and other children to play with him in there.

The next thing they loved was when the museum mascot, a sun, came out to visit. They both hugged Sunny several times and ended up stalking Sunny as he made his way (or maybe her way) around the museum. Madison told me meeting Sunny was her favorite part of the trip.

In the first room we entered was a neat pulley device where the children sat on a seat and then pulled themselves up using a rope. They both loved sitting on the seat and then going up high. I had to pull the rope but I can see older children being able to do it themselves and enjoying the feeling. Another activity that really engaged Logan was an exhibit using tubes to make a pathway for balls to travel down. We kept putting the tubes in different configurations and then testing to see if the ball would land in a big can at the bottom. I remember dong this as a kid with the game Mouse Trap and loving it. There was a cute arts and crafts projects that they both loved making with a small cylinder, markers, yarn, glue and a bunch of items to cut and paste like googly eyes and sequins. The goal was to make face or a person with hair and I rally enjoyed seeing them being creative and watching them take time to make a unique product. next to the arts and crafts project was a true life Volkswagen Bug and each of the kids put in a smock and booties and painted to their heart's content. Logan was especially focused and probably painted for over 10 minutes. There is an area upstairs for the kids to play dress up in which my kids really enjoy but the highlights were definitely the grocery store and the pizza parlor.

We had so much fun here and we are looking forward to returning many more times and getting to experience more of what the Children's Discovery Museum of the desert has to offer.