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Bright Child Indoor Playground

Bright Child  Bright child is located in Oak Park at 618 Lindero Canyon Rd Oak Park, CA.  We don’t live in Agoura Hills and you most likely don’t either,  but don’t let the drive discourage you for bright child was much more than a typical indoor playground and it is not that far off the 101 freeway.  First of all, we entered bright child with minimal expectations.  After all are kids who are now 5 years old, might simply be too old for an indoor playground and an indoor playgrounds typical small structures, little ride ons, train tables and basketball hoops.  Bright Child was entirely different.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a very friendly employeed who welcomed us, told us their pricing,

A little pricing 411 as usual:

The prices are:

13-20 months: $5.00

21months -13 years old: $9.75

Adults: Two Free adults per child (each additional adult $4.00)

Monday - Friday Sibling Discount $1.00 off each sibling

1st Child: $9.75 1st sibling:$8.75 2nd sibling:$7.75 3rd sibling:$9.75

they also have laser tag in the back which we did not do.

Lazer Tag With General Admission costs

    * 10 minutes of Lazer Tag $4.75

    * 5 minutes of Lazer Tag- $2.75

There are other admission packages (not to mention birthday party options) that have video game tokens lazer tag and free play and the pricing for that is near 20 dollars a child.  We did not utilize any of the options other than the general admission and our kids had an incredible  two hours at Bright Child.

At bright child you don’t just put your shoes in a cubby,you actually  turn in your shoes which are handed back to you when you leave.  For those of you w/designer shoes (not us) you will be happy to know that you won’t have to worry about shoe theft.   My husband received the Wifi login and pswd, but at a place like bright child you will find yourself focused on the kids and not hiding behind a computer.   He never opened his laptop, but instead said this place is going to be a great podcast choice.

Bright Child has 2 large play structures... They are Very large...but not like McDonalds structure.   In fact, the closest thing we could think of is something you are more likely to see at a theme park.  One of the structure has the student climbing in and out of a jet airplane, countless tubes and some interesting obstacles that I have never seen in playground equipment such as a small cylinder that spins as you go through.  This reminded me more of funhouse that a play structure.  Another thing Interesting this about this play structure is that it was almost like a maze with endless paths you could take each time you enter and exit it.  At first our kids said how do we get there referring to a location and with a little pointing my husband helped them navigate the entire structure.  The exit slide where extremely coold with one allowing children to race each other.  They were exceptionally slick and the kids loved flying down them.

The other structure had an entire indoor pretend area where kids shoot these rubber balls at targets.  There  are huge vacuums that suck up these ball to a higher level where cannons are mounted for the kids to shoot the ball out of.  When I went in there, a few of the kids decided to make me the target and that was fun for them as well.  The ball don’t hurt and I imagine a lot of kids enjoy shooting these soft ball at the adults.    The this structure too has many path and punching bag stuff etc.. and  you have to see it to believe it.

My husband compared the cannon shooting thing to a structure that they had  at magic mountain.  The same structure that he said that my 5 year old son Logan preferred over rides.

I know that all parents care about their kids welfare and safety and I should tell you that

Everything seemed very well maintained and safe.  The place also has a very controlled entrance and exit.  The employees know who is coming in and who is coming out.  In fact we had to be released out.

In the back of Bright Child their is a snack stand.  Brightchild does not want you to bring in outside food and drink which is also similar to a lot of theme parks.  The pricing however is significantly lower than a modern theme park and you do get to sit right next to a large fire truck as you eat.  Think hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, and drinks.

The fire truck...I mentioned appears to be a real fire truck turned kid friendly via cutting it in ½  a creating an more assessable way to enter and exit it.  They also made it so the kids could play around with a lot of the switches and knobs..

A few other things I should tell you is that the place has some

piano keyboards set up for those that are musically inclined.  My husband actually went on one of them and played stars wars and chariots of fire.

Here are a few other areas that I have not talked about that are included with your general admission:

There is a small area with construction blocks that are the shape of Legos but quite large and soft.

Their are two basketball areas one for bigger and one for little kids.

There is is a little kids room with a smaller structure. where  a one or two year old could play.

Their is also a small putting area with kid friendly golf equipment.

I would have to say that the sweet spot for bright child would be 3 to 10.  Yes..with  cannons, and and a  larger basketball net in a separate room as well as the optional laser tag and video games in the back of the place, I would have to say that  even older kids would have fun at this unconventional indoor playground. highly recommends Bright Child.