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Circus Vargas - The Circus Comes to Los Angeles

Circus Vargas has been around since the 1960s and primarily travels around the western states. You could go to their website to find out where they currently are and when they will be in your area.

On the website you could also get ticket info which is in the 15 to 40 dollar range with 15 being the run of the mill child's seat and 40 being the up front ringside seat for adults. I should tell you that the tent is not that large and even the cheaper seats promise a great show.

LAwithKids had a wonderful time at the circus.  Before the circus started they had a terrific family pre-show to get the kids involved. We all sat in a circle in the ring and there was one circus-related activity after the next. It was great because it showed the kids how some of the tricks are performed, it built up their confidence level to show them that they could learn how to do the tricks themselves and it got them to burn off some steam and then they could settle down and watch the show. They tried their hand at juggling and balancing and then were so excited to see how the professionals did it in the main show.

The acts included balancing, trapeze, a snake whisperer, a fabulous trampoline show, and an act with an elephant where a girl about 12 years old was able to balance herself and perform ballet moves while riding an elephant.

Our daughter Madison's favorite acts involved clowns. The clowns had a silly act where they attempted to play musical instruments and then simply acted silly.

 Logan loved it when two motorcycles raced around inside a metal cage right in the middle of the ring not that many feet from the audience which was in total awe.

There was another funny act where the clowns ran around scared thinking a bull was going to be released and it ended up being a little dog. Our kids loved it.

The trampoline act  was another of our favorites because the performers were fantastic tumblers and really entertained us with their abilities. there was one part where one of the men on the trampoline did flip after flip with tremendous speed.

My favorite was the juggling because it's a skill that seems easy but I know it requires tons of practice and I thought they did a great job of making it look simple and keep the audience involved.

There was 25 minute intermission where kids can take pictures on a horse or with a big boa constrictor wrapped around them. They also have face painting in the entry and a place to buy concessions and toys like cotton candy, light sticks and character balloons.

A great part about this circus is unlike the bigger Barnum and Bailey, Circus Vargas is small and therefore more intimate so you get to see the acts up close. There isn't anything super-high-tech, but they do a good job of mixing up all the acts and giving you a taste of everything. The costumes were vibrant and the cast was happy and friendly with the audience. Our kids were delighted and have happy memories from that night.