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LA Zoo Lights at the L.A. Zoo

The Annual LA Zoo Light attraction at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Address: 5333 Zoo Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Phone:(323) 644-4200

2016 Dates are November 18-January 8

An afternoon at the zoo checking out the modern rainforest exhibit and other friendly animals, followed by an evening at the LA Zoo lights would be a memorable Holiday event that any LA family would appreciate.”

Price: Varies with weekday admissions being less expensive then weekend.  

Age 13 and up  ($13-$18 dollars)

Children 2 to 12 ($11-$14 dollars)

Post 9 o clock admission is 9 dollars!

There are also a special New Years night Celebration, Seaon Passes, and discounted admission if you arrive late.  Go to the LA Zoo website for more information about these opportunities.

*It should be noted that daytime admission to the zoo does not include admission to the LA Zoo lights.

That being said, loves the LA Zoo Lights at the LA Zoo!   LA Zoo lights is an absolutely amazing attraction that has now become an annual attraction at the Los Angeles Zoo.  At our first visit to LA zoo lights, we had no idea of what is was going to be like.  We were worried that it might like an older attraction in Griffith Park where lights were placed along the park’s golf course fence.  This holiday themed event featuring polluting cars driving slowly has been replaced by a walking tour through an incredible zoo.

Well, the good news is that the LA Zoo Lights at the LA Zoo is a modern attraction that features thousand of holiday themed light displays throughout a great area of the zoo.  While not the entire zoo, the holiday decorations start from when you walk in the zoo gates all the way back to the back area of the zoo where the zoo’s daily bird shows are.

One thing to look for is hanging electrified Monkeys throughout the zoo.  There is also an incredible use of laser light in use esecially in the are of LA Zoo Light near the entry. There is so much to see, and you truly have to see for yourself, but the lit up monkeys and lasers are fun for the children to find.   For those of the Jewish faith, there is even some beautiful blue and while lights and dreidels.

There are restaurants open with a full menu (including a bar on the weekends) snack vendors were open and are recommendation is some hot cocoa in order to get the holiday feeling and also to purchase the fresh caramel popcorn near the flamingos.  

  Some of the LA Zoo highlights included:

           The best comparison we had for this area was the light displays that are amazing at            Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania or perhaps Disneyland’s night time light shows.