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Review of Legally Blonde the Musical  

Tour Dates of this review: August 12- September 6, 2009

The Pantages Theatre is literally located right off the Hollywood freeway at the Vine exit.  It is at  6233 Hollywood Blvd.  Our show started at 8 pm and there are a number of nearby parking lots as well as a red line station across the street.   We parked across the street at a lot for $10.

A quick reminder for families: The theater itself did not sell real food but it does sell candy, muffins, cookies and drinks. They even give you a special sippy kind of cup that allows you to carry it into the theater with you.

Now about the show:

We absolutely loved Legally blonde and  we were taken back by how incredible the performers were on stage.  The lead performer Becky Gulsvig not only had an incredible voice and acting/dancing abilities in her own right, but what was also amazing is how she was able to recreate some of the signature mannerisms from the movie that Reese Witherspoon displayed.

Without giving away too much away about the plot and story of Legally Blonde, the musical pretty much follows the story of the original movie and book.

There are some minor distinctions including even more humor, a few parodies of what were already parodies in the movie, and of course song and dance.

The show was quite humorous and moved at an incredible pace.  One of the unique features is that that Elle's sorority friends acted as an inner voice throughout the show (called a Greek Chorus because every tragedy needs a Greek chorus) and would give her advice and encouragement after each of her setbacks.

The male and female dancing was absolutely incredible and constant.  Their were no lengthy scenes of pure talk and as we all know when Elle talks she talks clear, but fast.

One character who also stood out was Emmet  portrayed by DB Bonds.  In the story Emmet was her mentor and helped lead her way through his incredible voice through law school.  Elle's and Emmet's scenes together were stunning.

Legally Blonde the Musical also did an excellent job in capturing the settings of each one of the scenes.  Ones that stood out were:

-Malibu represented by Elle's parents via a golf court on stage and their ultra preppy yet relaxed attire.

-the Portrayal  of Harvard LAW with  distinct and stately sets that resembled an old university. the musical was also true to Harvards colors.

Elle’s dress and costumes were stunning throughout the show and her ultimate pink dress in the finale was the most eye-catching of all.

Children will also like the fact that dogs are also featured throughout the show. Elle of course has Bruiser as well as her hairstylist friend Paulette who also has a pooch of her own.

For those that remember the movie Legally Blonde, the musical it is not without the UPS guy...who struts his stuff while delivering the mail.

One of the questions that our audience might have is whether or not this play is appropriate for children or not.  We did not take our 4 year olds with us. In fact on the Pantages website it says children under 5 will not be admitted to this show. That being said, there were some children in the age 5-10 range, but most of the children there were clearly young adults in the 12-17 range and for the most part accompanied by a parent.   I did not find anything offensive, but a parent who is uncomfortable with a level of campiness regarding gay humor, blonde jokes, and of course the oversexualized UPS man, might want to get a babysitter.

Here are a couple of tips regarding shows at the Pantages.


After the show, we lined up outside the exit on Argyle avenue and literally were able to stand along with about 50 other fans as the cast exited the theater and signed programs, CDs or playbills.  They were unbelievably friendly, stopped to chat and even took pictures with fans. I imagine amny of the shows at the Pantages offer the opportunity to meet and greet the stars provided that you can stay and wait for them to exit.

The theater is beautiful and huge with the sound quality was excellent. The accessibility to the Metro is excellent and there are numerous parking lots nearby.

This play helped LAwithKids rediscover how important theater is to Los Angeles and to children.