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Scooter’s Jungle

Scooter’s Jungle is in Valencia. The indoor playground is located at 28230 Constellation. It is in an industrial complex off the 5 freeway north of Magic Mountain. The ceilings are very high which means the inflatables and climbing structures are huge and tall. The main focus of Scooter’s Jungle is on birthday parties but there are several times each week when it is open to the public. The schedule of Family Fun nights and all ages play changes frequently so please check their website at Scooter’s to see when you can get in. When you come for All Ages play, the cost is $8 per child and this includes one free adult. Each additional adult is $3. Toddler Time is offered several mornings each week for kids ages 6 and under and the cost is $7/child, which includes 1 adult, and extra adults are $2/ea. Family Fun Night is another great way to enjoy this playground and the cost is $9/child and $4 adults. This includes free lemonade and snacks and pizza is offered for $2/slice.

So what does Scooter’s Jungle offer kids and families? There are three rooms to choose from and the rooms are designed for different age groups. The Jungle Village Arena is designed for ages 4-9. Here is a list of the main features of the room. A very tall climbing structure with a slide and scooters, a zip line, a gigantic inflatable slide, a dress up room, air hockey, ping pong, and a bouncy house playground. The Scooter’s Jungle Jr. Arena is recommended for ages 1-6 and it includes many of the features of the Village Arena minus the climbing structure. The party tables for lunch and cake are right inside of this room while the other two rooms use an adjacent room as their party room.

The Ultimate Arena is the third room and it is designed for ages 6-12. This is the room we were in for a birthday party celebrating a classmate of Madison. There is a two-story inflatable slide, a ping pong table, a super ball room where you go inside and ball fly at you from all of the walls, an inflatable obstacle course, a sport court inflatable and a playground with a leaning tree.

The parties are between 2 and 2.5 hours long and usually include 90 minutes of play time in the arena rooms. Madison and a friend of hers from class had the best time playing at Scooter’s Jungle. They spent much of the time in the giant slide. It took a while just to climb to the top! All of the adults were encouraged to participate and many did. I went to the the top of the slide with Madison the first time just to show her she could do it and that it was fun. after that she had the confidence to climb up and slide down over and over. There were mats provided for the slide which made the ride down even faster and we were also warned to keep our hands in our laps because of the rubber burning your skin as you slide down.

In addition to the slide Mads also loved the obstacle course and she competed with her friend to see who would finish it first. They must have done it 45 times! They payed some in the playground with the leaning tree which has a couple of areas to climb. The sports court had inflatable boxing gloves to fight but the kids mostly just jumped and flipped in there.

I thought the party had a lot of energy and it was also helped by an employee who came out a couple of times to play games with the kids. She was very enthused. The kids also loved interacting with their parents, especially at the ping pong table.

Once the 90 minutes were up we went to the adjacent party room for pizza, fruit and cake. There was one employee assigned to that room who was very solemn and unfriendly but the kids didn’t seem to notice. I wish that there had been some sandwiches and salads for the adults but I think all that is included is pizza and the hosts provide the rest. Once we sang and congratulated the birthday boy we were handed the Scooter’s Jungle party treat bags with a few toys and then took off.

The cost of the parties run from $259-515. The cost varies depending on the day of the week, the length of the party, the number of party participants and which food options you choose. The website also has discount coupons so check those out before booking a party.

While I really love the huge climbing structures at Bright Child and Kids Concepts USA, Scooter’s Jungle is a great option for parties if you live in the Santa Clarita area. They have enough equipment to occupy kids, even as they get older and the facility is nicely maintained and organized.