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Sky High Sports

Sky High Sports is essentially a very large trampoline facility with countless trampolines with a hip atmosphere. There are Sky High Sports locations in several states. The focus of this podcast is on the two locations in the Los Angeles area, one in Woodland Hills and the other in Camarillo. The Woodland Hills location is at 6033 De Soto ave, just south of Victory and the Camarillo location is at 166 Aviador St. Camarillo.

When you first walk into Sky High Sports you will have to stop and sign a liability waiver for your children. This is mandatory and you can’t pay or jump without this. Our children have jumped several times and we have never jumped. We have seen adults jump and they do seem for the most part to like being with their kids on the trampolines. Quite frankly, we have not jumped because of the extra cost and because of the fact that when we have been there which is now three times the majority of the jumpers have been children. However, there are adult fitness classes that you can sign up for as well.

There are children of all ages at Sky high and you will see 4 year olds jumping and 14 year olds jumping.
The cost to jump is $11 per hour, rounded to the closest half hour with an additional fee for more hours. Each child will get a colored wrist band. That wristband indicates to the staff when the jumper’s session has ended. If you enter Sky High at 11:15 am, then you would be finished at 12:30 pm.

Throughout the facility there are video games, snack vending machines and candy machines. In today’s Wii and angry birds world with mom and dad having an arcade in their purse or pocket, these games were not the biggest attraction.

There were also some toy vending machines but they too in the days of the dollar stores where everyone could get cheap toys for a dollar, they were not the biggest attraction either.

In terms of food, Sky High has a relationship with pizza vendors pizza with Lefort Pizza being offered at their Camarillo location and Fratellis pizza being offered in Woodland Hills.

Sky High also offers birthday parties and the cost is in line with other birthday party locations in LA. For around five hundred dollars on a weekend the package includes 20 jumpers get 2 hours of jumping plus some pizzas and waters.

One value that sky high has is their Tuesday family night from 5-9pm. The cost at the Woodland Hills location is $30 and it is $25 at the Camarillo location. The package includes pizza, water, and one hour of jumping for a family of four. This is a much better deal than their regular rates!

Sky High also has other specials and we have also seen periodic promotions for Sky High in their e-blasts.

One thing that I don’t care for about Sky High is that there is a private party VIP area located in the middle of the Woodland Hills location. It is frustrating when you have spent a good amount of money and then you see that there is a group that is too good to jump with you. The optional valet parking that we spotted at the Woodland Hills location is also a turn-off. they have a lot and if you are going to jump for an hour you should be able to walk from your car even if it requires a couple minutes of walking into the establishment.

Nonetheless, my children have yet to notice the VIP language, and the valet parking and the VIP area only seemed to bother me and the other adults in our group.

Benefits of Sky High include:

You are providing your child with an alternative activity that is a:
1. Non Competitive physical activity: Unlike bowling or even mini-golf, there is no winner or loser if your children just jump to the music and throw a ball around. Sky high also provides true physical activity where you children will break a sweat and gets some real exercise.

2. Children and teens like the place and think its cool. In fact it is hard to think of any other recreation facility where young child through teenagers think that the place is cool and for them. There is nothing babyish about the atmosphere at Sky High yet young children feel right at home with the trampoline and older children like the current music. I have heard from friends that if you go there on a Saturday or Sunday in the late afternoon there can be a long wait to jump as it gets very crowded with teens and parties.